PinPoint Environmental Inc. ("PEI") is a services based company created to provide full outsourced environmental assessment and monitoring capability in the form of oil detection and measurement. PEI's services are targeted at public and private members of the oil industry and encompassing environmental organizations.

PEI leverages a unique and innovative proprietary technology, the FLSTM LIDAR. This technology is a real time - airborne hydrocarbon sensing and measurement device and expert system that dramatically reduces the cost and time of assessment and monitoring.

Utilizing this technology, PEI offers much improved service over current environmental assessment and monitoring technologies and processes used in the oil industry which offer much lower resolution and often take months to cover the same area that PEI can cover in a day.

PEI is in operation to provide improved environmental assessment and monitoring services to all direct and indirect constituents of the oil industry. PEI aims to empower these customers to more efficiently and cost effectively mitigate environmental risks, reduce environmental costs, and strengthen corporate social image by utilizing the FLS-LIDAR to offer oil contamination detection and monitoring services.

PEI's current goal is to secure development contracts in partnership with industry and government to execute substantial commercial demonstration projects in the areas of greatest interest to these customers. Based on the success of these demonstration projects, PEI will strive to secure multi-year commercial contracts to provide services directly, with the commercial contracts replacing the development contracts.